Article: Liar Liar about attorneys who lie.

Article: Liar Liar about attorneys who lie.

This article was published in the California Lawyer’s Association Real Property E-News HERE. LIAR LIAR By John S. Richards “What does your Daddy do for a living little boy?” “He’s a liar.” “Don’t you mean ‘lawyer’?” “Mmmmm, I guess so.” I just love the 1997 film “Liar Liar” starring Jim Carey.  The story is about

Client Becomes TikTok Sensation! Afrique Restaurant

Afrique Restaurant has become a TikTok Sensation. They make authentic recipes from their homeland in Africa.  Their splash hit meals Fufu & Egusi are all the rage on TIKTOK. Afrique Restaurant’s founder, Olakunle Ayodeji – whose nickname is “Flash” – operated a restaurant in his earlier life, and for 20 years he nursed the idea of building

Even George Lucas Quiets Title

I was combing through SF Gate and found this article with regard to George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, suing over his property known as Skywalker Ranch.  He is suing in Marin County Superior Court to quiet title. HERE’S A LINK TO THE SF GATE ARTICLE Skywalker Ranch is pretty fascinating.  You can reach it

What’s Up With Us? Coming 12/17/2020

Free Registration Join J.R. Richards, Ashley Peterson, Frantz Farreau and Neil Kalin (in spirit) for WUWU!  What’s Up with Us! We’ll be discussing news, hot topics and events for the California Lawyers Association Real Property Section.  This month’s edition features an interview with attorney  Mark A. Wilson.  We’ll be discussing AB 3182 among other issues

2018 CLA RPLA Spring Conference In Photos

Real Property Spring Conference In Photos By John (J.R.) Richards “Balancing the Scales” Documentary Presentation Speakers filmmaker Sharon Rowen and California Supreme Court Justice Therese Stewart   Real Property Law Section Co-Chair Gary Laturno     Real Property Law Section Executive Committee Members Ashley Peterson, Dianne Jackson McLean and Giselle Rooparvar   Event sponsor Susan

5/15/2018 Interview With CLA RPLS Co-Chair Neil Kalin

Executive Committee Focus 5/15/2018 Incoming Co-Chair Neil Kalin By John (J.R.) Richards Congrats on being elected as next year’s co-chair for our real property section…can you explain why you ran as a co-chair? Yeah.  Nobody, including me, wanted to chair the Section alone.  Now that has nothing to do with being committed to the Real

Is This The End of the Handshake 4/15/2020

Is This The End of The Handshake? I literally cannot remember the last time I shook hands.  There have been no bro hugs, high fives, fist bumps and hug hugs with anyone outside of my immediate family for at least a month now.  I do remember running into a work neighbor on March 16, 2020.