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Richards Law represents owners of real estate backed by years of experience obtaining concrete results. We take a practical and determined approach to litigation and transactional representation for property owners. What does this mean? Our courthouses are adorned with Ancient Greek Doric architecture which serves as a reminder of the origins of our laws, but also that true heights are achieved by a solid foundation. It means we scour the facts and law related to your problem and operate from a position of strength, not conjecture. Based out of Danville, California, Richards Law represents landowners in just about every district of Northern California with a special emphasis on Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Santa Clara County and San Francisco County. Our lawyers offer a free initial consultation before taking control of your situation to give you the peace of mind that your case is being handled in your best interest. Take a look at other sections of this website to see "What We Do" and how we treat our clients and our background and experience. Our "Articles" will keep you abreast of exciting and current topics in real property law.
Led by John Richards, Richards Law is available to resolve disputes with ownership, boundaries, easement, title, business disputes, breach of contract, HOA disputes, reformation, rescission, neighbor law, business purchase, business sale, business dissolution, deed of trust, tree controversies, views, broker liability, fraud, and material non-disclosure.
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Richards Law: Peace of Mind

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Free Initial Consultation
Richards Law offers a free 20 minute consultation to review your case. This allows you time to introduce your problem and why you need help. While we cannot render legal opinions during that time, both parties can assess our ability to work with one another and whether the Richards Law is the best fit for your needs. If we cannot help you for any reason, we will refer to you at least two other attorneys or other avenues in which you can find resolution. The idea is to provide you with guidance on how to get a proper resolution. The solution may be for you to file in small claims court (without an attorney), or find another attorney close to home. Sometimes people just need general guidance for their problem, i.e. how to talk to a problem neighbor or how do I respond to a bully HOA. There is a lot of misinformation out there. You can count on Richards Law to guide you to the proper next step.
No Commission Real Estate Sales
Richards Law offers flat fee real estate sales for both traditional listings on the MLS and FSBO or For Sale By Owner Scenarios. We do not charge a commission.
Successful Results
Over 90% of cases resolve by settlement. The issues is how to leverage the facts and the law to achieve your best result. Richards Law does just that.
Individualized Attention
Our office runs on a new paperless platform. We are responsive to e-mails, text messages and phone calls. This is ideal in the days of COVID and we can meet you by phone, zoom or in person. Whatever fits your needs.
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Common Questions


What Can I Do To Prepare For Litigation?

How to prepare your case for litigation.  There are a few best practices for litigation.  I recommend taking a log of events right after the event happens.  If you write down what happened, it may be admissible or it could help refresh your recollection.  Another thing to is CYA, or Cover Your Avenues.  When you have an agreement with someone or a conversation, you should follow that up with an e-mail or letter stating the essence of the conversation.  You should also consider consolidating your evidence and compiling a summary of events.  Think about witnesses or documents which prove your case.

How much will my case cost?

This is one of the most difficult questions because there are so many variables.  Lawsuits are expensive.  Some can resolve quickly.  Other controversies are long drawn out processes.  Going to trial generally costs over $80,000.00 in legal fees and costs.  About 2% of cases go to trial for various reasons.  Richards Law starts with a refundable retainer.

How much do you charge?

Generally, we charge $350.00/hour for John (J.R.) Richards and $175.00/hour for paralegal work.  The bills are done in increments of 1/10th of an hour.  We send out all bills electronically on a monthly basis.  Each bill is itemized by task.  We do not block bill.  Real estate sales are dealt with on a flat fee basis.  We generally charge $8,000.00 to list and sell a residential property on the MLS.  FSBO generally costs $6,000.00 as a flat fee, no commission.




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Feel free to contact us for an appointment today. Because of COVID-19 we have a mandatory mask policy in the office. But we are available any time by phone or zoom. We will give you a free 20 minute consultation about your case. Once you are ready to move forward, you can sign your legal services agreement in person or electronically. It is really easy and no contact. We accept payment of our retainer by check, cash or credit card. In order to meet your needs, we makes sure to use state of the art technology to make your experience as easy as possible.
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