Posted by Rick July 29, 2014 I couldn’t be happy with JR! As a former police officer and as a property manager and businessman, I have worked with dozens of attorneys on both criminal and civil cases. JR is truly top drawer- was obviously well-versed in his area of law, outlined our options and strategies,

Peace Of Mind

Posted by Ingrid February 24, 2015 I have had JR with Richards Law help my small business for the past two years with several unfortunate lawsuits. I have been pleased with the communication and response time I have been given. There is no price that can be given for the peace of mind and the

Real Estate Expert

Posted by Duane February 3, 2016 JR helped me resolve a frivolous lawsuit by a person who had no representative. Being from the east coast, I had no knowledge of the laws around a demur. With his expert knowledge and background in financial affairs and real estate, he managed to get us a settlement vs.

Resolution To Complex Issue

2/17/2013 I had a complicated real estate dispute and Mr. Richards took on my case. He treated me with dignity and resolved my issue with fairness and genuine concern. He was patient with my questions and his legal fees were fair. I would recommend him highly to a friend.

Tenacity Appreciated

 2/20/2013 My experience with this attorney was uniformly positive.  J.R. seems to have a thorough understanding of the law, but also real-world concerns – like the high cost of participating in the legal system – and he puts 100% of his effort into a case.  We were in a lawsuit against a guy who was

Overturned Judgment

2/15/2013 First to Review My husband had a legal issue with a vehicle he purchased about 8-9 years ago.  The vehicle was returned to the dealership but legally he was responsible for the loan and has always confessed to this. My husband tried to settle but to no avail. Apparently the loan company had not

Nice Compliment

2/23/2013 I had an excellent experience with Richards Law.  He comprehended quickly what I needed to get done and within a short time frame presented the correct documents for me to review.  He charged a very fair price and he is a really professional person to work with. Max W. San Jose, CA

Business Dispute

8/13/2015 I retained J.R. to represent my business partner in a property ownership dispute. As a former police officer, property manager and business owner I have had a lot of experience with attorneys. J.R. is by far one of the best I’ve ever met. He worked efficiently, billed very fairly and was very patient in

Neighbor Dispute: Trespass and Property Damage

2/12/2016 John (J.R.) Richards worked with my parents on a property damage dispute they were having with their neighbors. My parents are senior citizens and this was their first experience with a lawyer. I sat in on their initial consultation with J.R. and I was highly impressed with how he treated my parents. He was

Effective Landlord Tenant Representation

7/1/2014 I was referred to Richards Law by a friend of mine who is also an attorney, because he highly recommends J.R., who is an expert in landlord-tenant issues (and other things, I’m sure). I must say that I have been very impressed by J.R. He has been responsive, knowledgeable, and strategic–helping me to approach