Neighbor Dispute: Trespass and Property Damage


John (J.R.) Richards worked with my parents on a property damage dispute they were having with their neighbors. My parents are senior citizens and this was their first experience with a lawyer. I sat in on their initial consultation with J.R. and I was highly impressed with how he treated my parents. He was extremely patient and respectful. I did not sense this was an act either, he just struck me as a genuine person who was looking to resolve a dispute in way that would be efficient and civil. My parents were justifiably riled up by their neighbors actions and it would have been easy for J.R. to fan the flames, but he didn’t do that. What J.R. did instead was ask a series of calm, clear questions, listen carefully to the responses and then quickly deduce the options my parents had. He explained things in a way my parents could easily understand. This is what impressed me most: J.R. is obviously a very intelligent person but he chose not to “show off” and instead was more focused on finding a solution that would be best for my parents. I also sensed that John would be an extremely tough advocate for my parents (if needed) however this was not required in my parents case. J.R. was able to get the results my parents wanted in way that minimized stress and expedited a solution.


Our family highly recommends John J.R. Richards.

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