What’s Up With Us? Coming 12/17/2020

What’s Up With Us? Coming 12/17/2020

Free Registration Join J.R. Richards, Ashley Peterson, Frantz Farreau and Neil Kalin (in spirit) for WUWU!  What’s Up with Us! We’ll be discussing news, hot topics and events for the California Lawyers Association Real Property Section.  This month’s edition features an interview with attorney  Mark A. Wilson.  We’ll be discussing AB 3182 among other issues

11/18/2020 CLA RPLS WUWU

  CLICK HERE to check out the youtube.com video of our 11/18/2020 What’s Up With Us. This episode features: Neil Kalin, Ashley Peterson, John (JR) Richards and special guest JJ Sherman.

11/18/2020 What’s Up With Us!

Join me, Ashley Peterson and Neil Kalin for the California Lawyer’s Association Real Property Section’s “What’s Up With Us!” It’s TOMORROW at 3 pm pst. We’ll be discussing our upcoming event WOMEN IN LEASING with JJ Sherman and touch on other real estate legal hot topics. Zoom sign up is here: Zoom Registration: https://zoom.us/…/tJ0pdeusrTIsE9DiYLTq3ZNXNk9PkrQbAsia