Flexible Meetings

Flexible Meetings

Clients are welcome to meet with us via phone, zoom or in-person.  At this time, we have a mask policy in the office to ensure the health of our workers and clients.  We are happy to meet you in person any time.

Text and E-mail Availability

Richards Law promotes efficient communication. You can contact us via text and/or e-mail rather than phone calls.  It’s more efficient use of time.  We welcome it.

Electronic Document Storage

We keep all files stored electronically.  This saves you time and money on several fronts.  Further, you can generally keep the originals and do not need to worry about those files.

Strategy Development

Hopefully, the facts of the case are readily available.  We work with you to develop a strategy for the case.  Whether it is discovery or expert retention or depositions, you will have an opportunity to know the direction of the case.

Case Updates

We will update you on your case.  One of the challenges for many people is how slow the wheels of justice work.  Regardless, we will let you know.

Monthly Billing

Our billing goes out at the beginning of each month.  The bills are due upon receipt.  Each line item of time spent is individually referenced on your bill to the nearest 1/10th of an hour.  That is every 6 minutes.  A 12 minute phone call is usually .2 hours not including preparation time.  You will

Client Trust Account Tracking

Your retainer will pay your bills.  Once the retainer gets low, we will ask that you replenish it.  We maintain the accounting for your retainer and your payments at all times.  Unless your case is flat fee, any balance on your retainer is returned to you when the case is completed.

Expedited Registration

Especially handy during this COVID Crisis, we can process your legal services agreement and your retainer payment online with Adobe Sign and online credit card processing.

20 Minute Free Consultation

Richards Law offers a free 20 minute consultation to all potential clients.   This consultation can happy via phone, in-person or zoom.  At this initial stage, we are not your legal representation and cannot offer legal advice.  What we can do is listen to your side of the facts and give you general guidance.  Part of