Real Property Sale


When it came to selling a small house we inherited in Pleasant Hill, we felt like we had an expert totally on our side in John Richards. As a lawyer, he had knowledge and experience in the areas of real estate and real estate law, but more importantly, he listened to what we wanted, and pointed out our choices based on what we wanted, every step of the way. He worked for a low flat fee, payable when/if the house sold. In our case, there were no frills, like staging, facelift, and landscaping. This was perfect for our damaged-by-tenant property. He did his homework, which included assessing the market in the surrounding neighborhood, and the unique selling points of our property within that neighborhood. He handled minor issues like making sure all light fixtures had bulbs and that current smoke detectors were installed, per law. These little things took a big load off our minds. We chose not to go with the very highest offer, as the second-highest was from a couple who intended to live in the house and fix it up rather than flip it. Still, the house sold for significantly more than the asking price, and closed escrow within a month of signing the contract with him. We highly recommend his services.