For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Attorney

Richards Law has carved out a specialty helping for sale by owners.  Many people these days need a FSBO attorney who can represent them in the sales process and provide them with valuable insight.  John Richards approach to FSBO maximizes your profit and minimizes any concerns that you may have.


Some people call it fizber, or owner home sales or house by owners or forsalebyowner or property for sale by owner or land for sale by owner, fsbo attorney, for sale by owner attorney, sell your own home, houses sold by owners, homes for sale by private owners, fsbo california, fsbo California, fsbo San Francisco, fsbo ventura, fsbo los angeles.  Whatever the case may be, we have you covered.

Flat Fee, No Commission

Richards Law charges a flat fee for real estate transactions.  This enables you to have open dialogue with your attorney to address any of your concerns.

Attorney Representation

Having an attorney represent you alleviates the pitfalls of duel representation or having two agents from the same broker in the same transaction. Furthermore, agents are not allowed under California law to provide legal advice about the forms you are signing.  The attorneys for the brokers represent the brokers, not you.  Here, Richards Law truly represents your interest.

Take Advantage of Technology

 In October 2017, William E. Brown 2017 President of National Association of Realtors (Realtor Magazine October 2017), stated, "As immediate access to online data now empowers consumers to do much of their own research and decision-making about almost every conceivable purchase, we must step up our game to ensure REALTORS remain the trusted authority."  This means that buyers and sellers are empowered by technology to buy and sell their own home.  Whereas the real estate agent's job is to market properties, technology largely does that for the consumer.

FSBO Can Be Faster

A recent study by Trulia determined that in certain markets, FSBO's sell faster.  These were the California markets: Ventura FSBO, Anaheim FSBO, Los Angeles FSBO and San Francisco FSBO.  When sellers use online resources like:,,,,,, they can benefit.

How FSBO Works

John (J.R.) Richards will represent your interests to your transaction.  Depending on your starting point, the attorney may draft a real estate purchase agreement for you after consulting with you carefully giving you full disclosure of your legal rights.  Then the agreement will be offered to the buyer who then can execute or modify the agreement for submission to you.  J.R. will then consult with you and either finalize the contract or help you formulate a counter-offer.  Once that is completed, you have a binding contract to sell your property.  There is so much more to it.  But we charge merely a flat fee that you can pay up front or at the close of escrow.  Also, we do transactions all over California and provide the personalized service for you in any county in the state.

When To FSBO

There are many scenarios were you could use the services of Richards Law to provide your transactional needs.

  • Thinking about selling your home.
  • Selling your home to a relative
  • You are a seller who's found a buyer
  • You are a buyer who found your dream house
  • Buyer and Seller found each other
  • Already have a contract but have questions
  • Divorce...granting to your former spouse




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